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With So Much Sin In The World What Is A Christian To Do?

How Should Christians Respond To The Sin Around Them?

Listen to “Sin is Rampant! What Should We Do About It?” on Spreaker.

There is a person in my neighborhood who drives around with a sign that I think is meant to bring people to repentance. The sign list all the religions, denominations and other people who according to the person with the sign are sinners. Even people who read versions of the bible that are not the King James Version, are listed amongst the transgressors.

I guess we could take that attitude as Christians. We can drive around with a sign pointing out to the world why they are going to hell. Some consider this a good approach.

Not that we are not to recognize that there is sin and that sin separates us from God, but we can certainly try a different approach, don’t you think?

Listen to the podcast above for a different approach to bring people to Christ. Perhaps you will agree with it.