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There is Forgiveness After Abortion. Do Not Lose Hope!

Listen to “Did You Have an Abortion? Listen to this!” on Spreaker.

One of the biggest snares that the enemy has put in the minds and hearts of people is the concept of abortion. The reasons that people give for committing such an abominable act are many. However, there is no good reason for having an abortion.

To compound the trap that the evil one injects into the minds of people, satan* also sells people on the idea that once a person has an abortion they can not be forgiven.

Nothing could be further from the truth. God will forgive you if you have an abortion, he will forgive you even if you perform one.

Listen to the podcast above and see how there is a way back from abortion. God loves you and He wants to reconcile with you.

* I am aware that satan is capitalized in the English language. However, I chose not to capitalize it in order to denote how I reject him and do not give him honor or respect.